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          This is what an ECMO (extracorporeal membrane

oxygenation) machine looks like, and they're used to

literally save the lives of many congenital diaphragmatic

hernia patients. This machine is similar to the

heart-lung by-pass machine...

Unfortunately it isn't available everywhere,

reducing the chance of survival for some CDH fighters.

  We are VERY grateful to multiple contributors this

weekend, who have raised over $700 to start off our

ECMO initiative - a vision that we've had since DAY 1 of

this organization being founded.

If you donate $10, $5 will go towards our goal to provide ECMO machines to children's hospitals in hopes of saving the lives of hundreds of children with congenital diaphragmatic hernia.


The other half of your $10 donation goes towards continuing support and resources in the form of medical equipment, grants, lodging, and more.

Donate today:

What We Do

CDH Stars and Angels is a nonprofit patient advocacy organization based in Houston, Texas that offers a range of support services nationwide to families of children born with the birth defect Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). We award small grants to families experiencing CDH to cover medical treatments and related travel, and, when needed, funeral expenses. We also provide care packages to CDH-affected families, raise awareness of the condition, and advocate for patient-centered research in partnership with organizations whose goals align with ours. We aim to ease the burdens of CDH by offering both financial and emotional support to the families we serve, making an uncomfortable journey as comfortable as possible while celebrating our little stars and angels.

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Join us on our 1st CDH Fundraiser Cruise June 2022

Everyone is welcome, not just CDH families!

Actor Stuart W. Yee raises

awareness for the Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. Thank you, Stuart!


Warhammer 40K Charity Tournament 2021

Our 1st annual Warhammer 40K Charity Tournament went very well, thanks to the hard work and huge effort of Space Cadets Gaming Center in Houston, Texas. A special thanks to founder, Brian McMeans, and all participants and donors!

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Jax Milburn with his new pediatric pulse oximeter. He is one of many patients to receive one, thanks to your contributions, Jax's family can have some peace of mind.
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CDH Stars and Angels Founder, Brenda Mertes, On Fox, NBC, and CBS affiliated Stations!

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Owlet Smart Sock Monitor System 2 sent out to CDH families in August 2020.

Your donations help offer a families affected by congenital diaphragmatic hernia, peace of mind knowing that their child is breathing comfortably throughout the night.

Our Leading Partners

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