Survivors of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia may have the opportunity to attend CDH Clinics. These are clinics available at certain children's hospitals. During these clinics, survivors may have x-rays, ultrasounds, breathing tests, a VQ Lung scan, an ECHO, and visit many doctors. CDH teams that survivors meet with to discuss treatment plans and results include their pediatric surgeon team, neurologist, pulmonologist, cardiologist, and nutritionist. 

JJ coolbaugh with Dr. Holly.jpg
CDH Star 
JJ Coolbaugh and
surgeon Dr. Holly
Olive Sue Krause during cdh clinic.jpg
CDH Star Olive Sue Krause 
attends a CDH Clinic 
Kristina Corna during cdh clinic 2.jpg
CDH Star Kristina Corna at a CDH Clinic
Andi Kate childrens hospital of philadel
CDH Star
Andi Kate at
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 
Jamie Wulfs CDHer during cdh clinic.jpg
CDH Star
Wyatt Scott
attending a CDH Clinic
Easton and surgeon Dr. Goldin at Seattle
CDH Star
Easton and 
his surgeon Dr. Goldin at Seattle Children's May 2018
Emily Walters and her twin both survivor
Emily Walters and her twin - both CDH Stars
sara evanchicks son childrens hospital o
CDH Star
Elijah Mertes
attending a CDH Clinic
Oliver Lombano and CDH Star Aaron
Oliver Lombano and Aaron.jpg