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A few questions you should ask your doctor:

  1. How many cases of CDH have you worked with?

  2. What is the average length of stay in the NICU for babies with CDH?

  3. Do you have a limit on how long my baby can stay on ECMO if needed?

  4. How does my birth plan (vaginal or C-section) affect my baby's survival rate?

  5. Will I be able to see or hold my baby after birth?

  6. What testing can be done to make sure that this is a case of isolated CDH and that there are no other anomalies?

  7. What are the odds of having another baby with CDH after this?

  8. What are some items that I can bring for my baby in the NICU?

  9. How long after I give birth, will I have to wait until I see my baby in the NICU?

  10. What tests can be done to make sure that this is not genetic

Doctor with Patients
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