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Nonprofits Connected Through New Facebook Program

CDH Stars and Angels is one of the many nonprofit organizations participating in a new program connecting nonprofits on Facebook. The nonprofits featured we've connected with through the program. Their impact on their communities, and on the world, is truly inspirational. Please consider donating to any of these excellent nonprofit organizations and their mission to make a difference.

Kuntry Kidz

Serves teens & preteens in rural and underserved areas, Their mission is to EXPOSE to possibilities, EQUIP with tools to accomplish goals and dreams and ENCOURAGE purposeful living.

Their goal is to cultivate youth to be kind, innovative, leaders & productive members of society.

Arrowood Firearm Safety and Training

This organization gives free firearm safety training to youth groups and their guardians.

Hillsborough Community Center

Their goal is to build a community center in the small town of Hillsborough, New Hampshire.

The Hillsborough Community Center will serve the residents of Hillsborough, New Hampshire and surrounding towns. The Center will provide a place that promotes a sense of community and will be a place that visitors feel is welcoming, safe, and accessible to all.

The Center will operate following these core values: integrity, unity, and inclusiveness. The vision of the Center is to help provide opportunities for residents to improve their health, education, and well-being. The Center will offer multi-generational programs to address the needs of our community.

Eli Talley Foundation

Their mission is to positively impact the lives of children with cancer through the gift of music, by helping to fund important research, and assisting families on their journey through childhood cancer.

Arts In Action

Arts in Action creates pathways to self-actualization and belonging through arts education and programming that centers Blackness.

Heal One World

Their purpose is to help facilitate low/no income adult and children with physical and mental health issues that are not being fully addressed by medical care that is covered by insurance or is invasive to have the opportunity to receive non-invasive, treatments or consultations such as, but not limited to: Dietary Consultation, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Herbology, Feldenkrais-Movement awareness, Cranial-Sacral, NeuroMuscular Therapy, Pilates, Yoga, Exercise and many others.

Hope Floats Foundation

is a national nonprofit organization with a mission to prevent drownings by providing scholarships for swim lessons for disadvantaged children. We have over 200 partner swim school providers in 31 states. Swim lessons have been proven to reduce the risk of drowning by 88%.

Hope Floats is the vehicle through which ordinary people and businesses can pool together to do something extraordinary: Save the lives of children across the globe by giving them the life-saving skill of swimming. Hope Floats raises money by partnering with individuals and businesses that want to do good works in their community. That money is used to give scholarships and tuition assistance to underprivileged children who might not otherwise be able to afford swim lessons

Fresh Start Inc.

is a reptile rescue founded in 2017 and located in NC. We take in, rehab and rehome exotic pet reptiles. We also rehab injured native reptiles. Our rescue has grown every year and we average over 100 animals in house at all times. We're hoping to finally move into a dedicated rescue building this year.

Concrete Footprints Corporation -

DBA Animal Out and iTellSecrets

Concrete Footprints Corporation makes lasting impressions in our communities. Animal Out™ will help reduce the 22 a day Vet suicide rate by donating service dogs and iTELLsecrets™ brings awareness about sex abuse.

LtP Foundation

Supports kids battling cancer. We provide financial aid to families, host large scale events, special birthdays, and pay for getaways for the families.


Their mission is to unite communities through service in the South Jersey-Philadelphia region by harnessing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.

International Social Work Solutions

International Social Work Solutions, Inc., (ISWS) a small volunteer led organization that Pre-Covid, provided stipends to volunteer masters’ level social workers to help them engage in projects with vulnerable and low-resource communities around the world. Their projects ranged from training, needs studies, program management and evaluation. Funding covered travel as well as in-country and project related expenses. Since the pandemic, ISWS has shifted our mission to include a remote model with very successful community intervention.

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

All MS Focus services, as well as information, literature and subscriptions to our publications are provided free of charge. MS Focus neither sells memberships nor requires participation in fund-raising activities by individuals or support groups

Help Our Heroes

The specific purposes for which HelpOurHeroes is organized are to provide consulting and planning services, education, and charity assistance (partnering with businesses, volunteering, and fundraising) to heroes (military, police, fire, and or EMS), hero affiliated organizations, and or communities in need.

Purpose - Helping first responders and those who have served or are currently serving.

Characters of Character NFP, Inc.

Our mission is to encourage kids to recognize and build positive character traits in themselves by providing relatable examples as a guide. The organization vision is to connect these character traits with children, families and communities

K9 Global Rescue

K9 Global Rescue is a dedicated group of former combat veterans working in cooperation with rescue organizations, foreign and domestic government agencies and disaster relief agencies worldwide for the humanity of dogs and all animals

Access H20

Works with financially vulnerable individuals to avoid water shut-off and water debt using support in the form of payments, education in conservation and leak repair, and collaboration with utilities to encourage and retain customer engagement.

Hindi's Libraries

Donates children’s books to those in need. No cost to recipients. Giving the gift of literacy and continuing the legacy of Dr. Hindi Krinsky.

Baltimore Hunger Project

Baltimore Hunger Project, a 501(c)3, is dedicated to eliminating the growing problem of weekend childhood hunger by feeding bodies and minds. We are bridging the hunger gap by providing weekend food packages in a compassionate and dignified manner.

Inspired by the story of an organization in Florida that provides weekend nutrition packages to elementary school children, we are focusing on Baltimore City and County elementary schools with a high percentage of students who qualify for FARM by discreetly providing them with packages full of a weekend's worth of food.

We strongly believe improved nutrition on the weekends enables "at-risk" children to be better prepared to participate in their education.

Educational Freedom Institute

EFI exists to research, document, and report the benefits that school choice provides to students, families, and communities.

Carson's Crusaders Foundation

Carson's Crusaders Foundation is a nonprofit organization providing support and assistance to children and families affected by pediatric cancer.

Carson’s Crusaders Foundation was formed to provide assistance to families of children battling rare solid tumor cancers. Our services include travel assistance, sibling support, educational programs, and financial support to those families affected.

Carson’s Crusaders received its 501(c)(3) nonprofit recognition in October 2011. The Board and its volunteers are currently involved in fund raising projects to support planned outreach activities

L.I.F.T. R&R

In 2015 they launched an outreach program to help people in need. People whose loved ones had died and they didn't know where to turn for grief services. They told them about griefshare. They had children and didn't know DFW offered a free 3 day grief camp to help their children. They told them about Camp Erin. Another woman's fiance had been critically injured in a car accident and had major brain damage and forgot who she was, she was devastated and had posted on Facebook how depressed and overwhelmed she was and asked for prayer. Their LIFT team wrote her a letter of encouragement, provided encouraging scriptures and their youth drew and colored her a picture and they sent it via messenger to her. Her response made them all cry and they then realized just how a small act of kindness, care, and compassion, truly made impacts and was very much needed. People in Mckinney were sleeping on the floor with no beds or furniture we provided them info for Bedstart who provided them free beds, free linen and free furniture.

LIFT R&R stands for laboring in the field together resources and referrals. Their hearts mission is to do their part to help make lives easier for those who are experiencing difficulty by providing resources and referrals. They partner with other non profit organizations, community partners and state and local agencies who are offering resources to help others. We provide these referral services FREE. They help non profit organizations with exposure via their Social Media platforms at no charge. They are here to LIFT up and support your efforts. They are aware that your heart wants to help others with no or low cost services but lack of finances to advertise make it difficult to get the word out so they do this for you for FREE.

People need everything from beds, diapers, food, grief counseling, shelter, training, spiritual resources, education and much much more. If you are trying to help them we are wanting to help you and let people know you're there.

We are helpers one to another. May God's hand be on this organization as we help others in this world with our mission of service.

Christian Appalachian Project

They have been committed to improving the lives of Appalachian children, families and seniors who are struggling to escape poverty since our founding more than 50 years ago.

CAP began with a young Catholic priest from northern Kentucky, Reverend Ralph W. Beiting. After being assigned to pastor a large portion of east-central Kentucky, he realized that – aside from the need for spiritual guidance – the people of Appalachia were in great need of physical support as well. With the help of family and friends, he was able to bring food, clothing and other necessities to area residents.

His efforts were achieving such great success that in 1964, the name and organization, Christian Appalachian Project came to be.

With the help of donors, volunteers, staff, and the communities it serves, CAP has grown to touch the lives of more than 1 million people each year.

Changing lives, teaching skills, improving the community – this is CAP.

Eliana's Light

Improves the quality of life of families that include children with medical complexity. Their collaborative "C.A.R.E." model works with medical centers, health care providers, and others to provide families with the integrated & integrative care they need.

They provide emotional, financial, and educational support to family members while connecting their caregivers to additional resources. They also regularly organize volunteer programs that build community and connection while raising awareness on these families and whole health care.

Eliana's Light is filling gaps in our nation's support systems that founder Whitney Ortiz experienced when taking care of her daughter, Eliana, who had a heart condition and transplant.

They hope to deepen their model within the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia region and also scale it nationally. We invite your support and collaboration in all areas of their mission.

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