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Top 10 Things Your Babysitter, Family Members, and Even You Should Know

  1. Watch for Bile-like vomiting and symptoms similar to the flu. These are potential symptoms of reherniation/recurrence

  2. CDH kids can be very picky eaters. Be patient with your child. Encourage, but don't force, new foods or greasy and chewy foods.

  3. If you are keeping a young child with CDH for a week or more, watch for signs of constipation, which could be a sign of possible bowel obstruction.

  4. Confirm with the child's parents (if you're babysitting) that he/she can play sports. Many CDH survivors are not cleared by their doctors to play sports because it can cause recurrence.

  5. Keep a list of the child's pediatrician and all specialists.

  6. Watch for signs of anxiety such as tantrums, fidgeting, change of eating habits, and anger. Encourage the child to take deep breaths, find 5 of the same colored objects around the house, and count to ten.

  7. Children with CDH may have a bulge near the incision site. This is normal and not cause for panic. However, if you're uncertain about anything, always call his/her specialist.

  8. Keep the child's inhaler, feeding equipment, and all supplies for them in sight at all times

  9. Germs are VERY dangerous to CDH survivors. Especially for infants and toddlers. Their immune system is often compromised. Keep all surfaces everywhere, sanitized.

  10. Listen to and respect the wishes of the child's parents. They know their child best.

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